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Bulk Soil
Sold by the cubic yard (162 sq. ft. of coverage when applying 2" deep) or half cubic yard.
Delivery of up to 8cy per truck. Call 740-965-6482 for more information.
Bagged Soil
Screened Topsoil
Item 806
Natural soil with no amendments. Screened to uniform texture.
Uses - back fill and areas where grass will be grown.
Garden Blend Soil
Item 187
Blend of soil, leaf compost, and sand. Compost provides nutrients while sand improves water access and drainage.
Uses - flower and vegetable gardens, amending existing soil
Garden Magic Topsoil, 40lb. Bag
Item 21
Composition: Dark reed sedge, peat, and sand
Applications: Loosens heavy soils and enhances overall moisture retention
Products may change throughout the year and are not guaranteed to be in stock.
Premium Potting Soil, 40qt. Bag
Item 953
Composition: Pre-moistened blend of sphagnum peat, perlite, and dolomitic limestone
Applications: Indoor/outdoor use, recommended for greenhouse plantings, houseplants, seed flats, bulbs, and potted plants

Sphagnum Peat Moss, 2.2cf Bale
Item 954
Composition: 100% Canadian peat moss
Applications: Natural, organic soil conditioner that regulates moisture and air around plant roots for ideal growing conditions. 
The Cow (Peat/Manure Blend), 40qt. Bag
Item 955
Composition: Natural horticultural peat and composted animal manure 
Application: Ideal for top dressing gardens and beds. Also used for compost piles, nursery planting, flower, and vegetable gardens. 

Organic Compost, .8cf Bag
Item 956
Composition: Mix of composted organic material
Application: Use in gardens, with trees and shrubs, and on lawns to improve moisture holding capacity of light soils

Tree, Shrub, & Perennial Mix, 2cf Bag
Item 957
Composition: Mix of horticultural sphagnum and composted pine bark
Application: All purpose for indoor and outdoor plants. Supports healthy plant growth, especially roses